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Where did you sleep meme, 2014 edition

Hmm, last time I posted to Dreamwidth was to do this meme last year.  Wonder if I'll do any more blogging this year? 

Well here goes.  Not sure this is perfectly in order. 

Melrose MA
Somerville MA
Boston MA 
Paterson NJ 
Wilmington MA 
Portland ME 
Madison WI 
Chicago IL 
Arlington VA
So. Burlington VT
Chestertown NY 
Berlin Ger
London UK 
Durham UK 
Newark DE 
Morristown NJ 
Fort Lauderdale FL 

Not exactly the year of sitting in one place, some very good memories in 2014. 

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Party Update and new information

  1. We’re changing our parties to be an invited event, though with the intent to invite as widely as is practical. If you wish to be on this list, please let us know your preferred email address. If you have a partner or other significant person who should also be on this list, please send us their email address.

  2. Here’s a link to our party rules & policies as of Aug 1:

Comments are screened, so you can post email addresses below.

Beginning of Summer party

A short update on last weekend's party. This is a link to the party recap post that sunspiral and I just wrote.

Lessons learned

1.  Explore and learn new things, constantly, fearlessly.
2.  Show your love.
3.  Strive to make where you are a better place.

As a legacy goes, it's not bad. 

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the "where did you sleep" meme

I've enjoyed this meme the last few years, and got reminded of it earlier today.  Places slept in 2013:

Melrose MA
Somerville MA
Boston MA
San Francisco CA
Walnut Creek CA
Paterson NJ
Arlington VA
Belfast UK
Dover NH
Chestertown NY
edited to add:  New Lebanon NY
Wilmington MA
Christiana DE
Chicago IL

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A certain sort of Arisia exhaustion among the volunteers is just about as seasonal as Frosty the Snowman and reminding everyone to get a flu shot before its too late.     I've written about it before, here http://roozle.livejournal.com/196995.html at least and probably other places.

This is the low point before the high.  When we get to January 14th or so  the excitement of how we're actually doing this thing that we've worked on for so long will take over.  But if you're working on Arisia right now and it feels like a long slog at the moment, my informal survey says that, if it helps to know that, you are not at all alone.

None of these "safety tips" are revolutionary:
1. take care of your health first.
2. ask for what you need -- but kindly
3. a thank you goes further than you can imagine
4. assume the best, make contingency plans anyway

Stay safe, enjoy New Year's Eve, see you at the last concomm meeting next Saturday, and then at Arisia 2014, which will be wonderful.

Cryptozoology T-shirts

The next fabulous Arisia party from Jacob and Talia will have the theme "Cryptozoology". Once again there will be a weekend full of open parties available for all ages, There's a round of T-shirts available, which raise funds for throwing these parties, designed by Jacob. See the link on his Etsy site and get 2014 party T-shirts.

family history

Many of you have met my parents at one family event or another.

After my parent's recent trip to England for the Kindertransport 75th Renuion, my father was interviewed by the local Jewish paper, and they wrote up this long and very expressive interview.


Level Minus One

I'm a little late to Paul Graham's essay on How To Disagree.  Apparently lots of people have seen it before me, but if you haven't seen it, check it out.  A useful thing to have in mind when you are thinking about what to say to the Person Being Wrong on The Internet. 

Graham's level 0 for disagreement is name-calling.  And I think we can all agree that  "you're an asshole" doesn't really move an argument forward.  Perhaps it is the lowest level at which we can still call this interchange a discussion.  But there are two other patterns of responses, neither of them positive, that might qualify for negative numbers on the Graham hierarchy. 

The one I've heard too much of recently is "argument by intimidation". Call it Level -1, but unfortunately we can't avoid thinking about how to respond to it when it happens.   Name-calling is ugly and hurtful,  but responses that threaten and explicitly bully are outside the realm of "let's try to talk about this".  Rape threats and death threats, wishes for physical harm to the speaker, defacing of images, are all not-uncommon responses to internet conflict, and it seems particularly common as a response to women standing up against  harassment .  I don't actually recommend clicking on this link  of the responses to Lindy West's assertion that the field of comedy is hostile to women; it's stomach-turning.  Suffice to say they prove the point..

The other response that might be just sideways to the hierarchy of disagreement  is "silencing".  "Oh, shut up" is not an argument.  [comment deleted] is not an argument either.  It might be an appropriate refusal to engage with Level -1 and maybe even Level 0 comments.  But deleting arguments because you disagree with them or they put you in a bad light means that there's no chance for examining our differences and maybe learning a thing or two about each other.    If it's your blog you can discuss what you want to, how you want to, and remove all the comments you like, but there's a difference between a soapbox and a discussion.  So I don't know what to call this one.  Level square-root-of-negative-1 perhaps,  because now the discussion has to move to the inside of our heads. 

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On the way home from work today, I finished the book Sweater Quest: a year of knitting dangerously which is about Adrienne Martini's adventurous year of a ridiculously complicated knitting project, also interviewing a lot of knitting bloggers. I enjoyed this book, which made for delightful filler on two days of commuting. I especially liked the chapter in which she discusses the relationship in her life between knitting and yoga. Alas, I am about as much of a knitter as I am a yogini, which is to say not much of either though I admire both. And I'm not likely to read this book again.

So, who wants to read it next? I'll drop it in the mail to whoever gives me the best yarn about why they want it. Comments screened, including your address is a plus.